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AWTCC is composed of people and organizations that have an interest in U.S. exports.  The Chamber’s goal is to harness the power of our constituency to help American exports.


Browse our website to learn more about the Chamber.  More importantly, join the Chamber and add your voice to our mission!  Simply submit your name and email below, and we’ll send you membership information.



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If you’re involved in world trade, AWTCC is custom made for you.  Membership is open to any company – in America or worldwide – involved in American exports. If you export
American products, you need AWTCC.

Business Solutions

Let AWTCC be your starting point for international trade solutions.

We help bring together partners that help exporters, and we help provide the training and expertise you need to be more efficient.

Visit our Solutions page to find the latest ways that American World Trade Chamber of Commerce works for you!

About Us

We’re like-minded people dedicated to American exports.  American exports represent some of the most sophisticated products in the world.  By joining together, our members can learn how to better and more efficiently move those products around the world.

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